Combatant Area

Combatant Area 1.0

In this game, you need to defend a base, which may be located in every site of the level
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Combatant Area is an action game in which you must defend your base with a tank. The objective of the game is to protect your base and destroy all the tanks in the time allotted. There are also a few power-ups that appear from time, which can help you destroy the tanks more easily and faster. There are different types of tanks, some of them stronger than others, which require several shots to be destroyed. As you progress in the game, the number of tanks to destroy will increase and they will also get more powerful, but so will you. In addition to this, there are different types of blocks that help you get cover and protect your base. Some of them are indestructible, some require several shots to be destroyed and others are easily broken.

Moreover, you can play the game alone or with a friend locally. There are also three difficulty levels to choose from. All the levels are somewhat different and include different style of blocks and layouts.

Unfortunately, the graphics are not very good. They are very simple, and not really detailed. In fact, the upper part of the screen where you should be able to find your score and other information is cut, so you can barely see it. The main menu is also very poor. Sound effects are average and the music is suitable for the game, but a bit repetitive.

In short, Combatant Area is a simple game that can played to kill some time when you are bored, but you should not expect much from it.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Enjoyable
  • Free
  • You can play alone or with a friend
  • Three difficulty levels


  • Poor graphics
  • Repetitive music
  • Not really challenging
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